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Decorating New Year’s table

Holiday & seasonal crafts, Home and garden, Newyear's Eve  |  December 1st 2011  |  0 Comment

Декорирование праздничного стола

Gorgeous palette of colors used to decorate the New Year’s table, create a special celebratory mood in the New Year’s Eve.


The first image table in colorful Emeralds. In the center of the table in clear glass vase salad and blue balloons and decorative peacock feathers, which symbolize the growth, reputation and move forward.

If you can not pick up the appropriate colors in the store, you can make yourself a holiday package. Balls painted with acrylic paint in appropriate colors and cover with several layers of glossy varnish. Need for tablecloths white cloth, which can be painted in turquoise paint for cold or hot batik. Of course you can dream up and create your own colorful elegant track to surprise and please the family and guests.

Декорирование праздничного стола
Table is decorated in colors that exist in nature – the color of earth and plants.

Декорирование праздничного стола


Gold and silver on a white background. On the white tablecloth along the table in the middle lay a strip of shiny silver fabric, or shiny paper for gift wrapping. Top along the length of the table to put a lush gold and silver garland.

The center of the table to put a few large transparent vases and bowls to put the color of gold, put the same podstavochnye candlesticks and plates. To create a golden instrument to use gold and silver acrylic.

New Year’s bowls, small jars for candle-painted gold and silver acrylic. If there is no gold podstavochnyh dishes, buy a transparent plastic or glass and paint them gold acrylic on the back side. Napkin rings can be made from a tube, which rolled up paper towels. The tube was cut into rings and silver acrylic paint.


Декорирование праздничного стола

Gold and purple on a white background. On a white tablecloth is a brilliant purple stripe wrapping paper. In the white plates purple and gold balloons. Table is decorated with gold candlesticks, napkin rings and large podstavochnye plates.

Декорирование праздничного стола At lilac tablecloths add silver ribbon. In the center – silver candlestick, and on both sides of purple and silver balloons. Just the color of silver podstavochnye plates and rings for candleholders. (Adapted from “Hostess with the mostess”).


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