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How to: Decorate Gift box for Valentine

Holiday & seasonal crafts, Valentine's day, Wrapping and Packaging  |  January 5th 2012  |  0 Comment

How to: Decorate Gift box for Valentine

You will need


- Pansy
- The leaves are dull
- Lily flowers.
- One time costs
- Fern leaves.
- Grass.
- Gift Box.
- Wire ribbon.
- Scissors, glue candles, glue gun.






Step 1:

- Use a glue gun attach the ribbon on gift box, a gift box along the line, a wire crossed.

Step 2:

- Continue to use the ribbon into a bow, get staples put it up on a fixed cutoff point between the ribbon cord in step 1.

Step 3:

- Cut flowers leaves 2 cups, how to position the stem 7 cm.
- Keep the bottle to preserve flowers fresh and attaching it to just cut the stem as the picture.

Step 4:

- Showing two fern leaves alternate, gel candles stuck with the stem fixed.
- Rated to 2 cups in the direction of flowers flowers ferns, fixtures bottles.

Step 5:

- Attach the branches spread more grass on both sides of the flowers, candles continue to use the glue stick fixed.

Step 6:

- Cut the flower stem to 7 cm pansy, arrangemen around are baby flower or grass.

Step 7:

- Use the flower bud stems about 12 cm long Phang, plug alternating direction fern flower (the flower buds have slightly more than the top leaves of ferns

Place the gift in a gift box and …

Happy Valentine’s Day !