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Decor Album cover

Other crafts, Painting  |  September 14th 2011  |  0 Comment

Wooden Album Cover Tutorial


I have three mini tutorials to share with you this week about designing the cover of your wooden mini book.

Spray cover

For this version, you will need:
- wooden album cover
- white spray paint
- stencils
- masking tape
- Hambly frame rub ons
- stylus
- slick writer or sharpie
- rhinestone embellihsments

Spray cover2

Step One:

Arrange stencils across the cover of your book and secure with masking tape.

Spray cover3

Step Two:

Lightly spray over stencils.  Don’t spray too liberally, or the paint will spread underneath the stencils, which is exactly where you don’t want it to go.  You may need to do multiple coats of paint.

Spray cover4

Step Three:

After paint has dried, trim out your rub ons and lay them upside down, so that you can arrange them on the cover without them sticking.  Once you have decided which ones to use and where to place them, flip over the rub on and adhere to your cover by using a stylus.

Spray cover5

Step Four:

Inside one of the frames, write the rest of your title with a Slick Writer (from American Crafts) or a Sharpie.  The date of my event will be written inside of the bottom frame.  Lastly, embellish with little rhinestones or other tiny embellishments.

That’s all there is to it!  One option for decorating the cover of a mini album.  This look can be done with different sizes of stencils, colors of paints and rub ons, and with a chipboard book instead of a wooden one.  I happen to particularly like the look of paint over top of a stained wooden album.

Come back later this week for more ideas on decorating your mini album covers!

Source: candimandi.typepad.com