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Cute patchwork handbag for women

Sewing  |  January 4th 2012  |  0 Comment

Cute patchwork handbag for women


This bag sew the second part of the collection of tissues.


Height of bag about 18 cm.

You will need 5 to the front of the fabric, fabric for lining, padding (padding polyester), viscose cord to the handle 2 m long, thin strong cord loops for about a meter, you may need beads and seed beads.
2.  Download the pattern here for the front of the bag and its lining. отсюда

3. And it’s ready to block. You can make it as a typewriter or by hand. Sew 6 of these units.

4. On the third page of the patterns given pattern for the lining and insulation, cut out, too, of six parts.

5. Put it on the table detail insulation, component pads on her face upward, and the top block us face down (in the patchwork is called a “sandwich”), sweep away all the layers and stitch this design on the perimeter, leaving a small opening at the side for turning. Remove the basting, turn the piece and sew opening a hidden seam. Now is the perfect time for the stitches to connect all three layers of bags between them. Stitch can be manual, and computer. Before the quilt to once again sweep all three layers.
Such details we need to have 6 pieces, call them wedges.

6. It now remains to make slices obtained between hiding a seam, carefully aligning the patchwork pattern. Stitch twice, and on the face, and on the lining, it is necessary both to the fortress, and for neatness.

7. As a result of cross-linking of all segments is a small hole at the bottom of a handbag, you need to hide. Here are possible options. I suggested to sew fancy flower that I had made from the same fabric as the bag itself. You can sew on beads. Running a little ahead, the beautiful beads and effectively looked at the ends of shoelaces. I’m continuing the flower theme, sewn at the ends of shoelaces tyulpanchiki, so popular among Japanese craftswomen.

8. On the edge of the bag as follows sew delicate lace. I recommend to do 16 loops. To disguise the nodules of the lace, you can at this point to sew a beautiful button, at the same time securing himself lace.

9. Cut thick viscose cord in half (two pieces of 1 meter each), and pass both parts around the thin filament. Tie the ends of cords and decorate them as described in paragraph 7. Done.

Attention! All patterns are full size, taking into account allowances for seams in one-quarter inch (0.65 cm)

Read more: http://lenacab.livejournal.com/182284.html#cutid1