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Cute and Easy Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Cake, Recipes  |  December 30th 2011  |  0 Comment

Cute and Easy Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Short of time to make something special for Valentines day? Me too! I had grand plans of making macaroons with heart shapes coming out of a cupcake but cakes got in the way. So instead I came up with this tutorial for making cute little cupcake toppers which are easy peasy and can quickly be put on top of any cupcake.
If you are using butter cream, the toppers can be made in advance and left to dry. If you are covering the cupcake with fondant, then you’ll have to make them fresh.
For Cupcake Toppers You’ll Need:
- 1 set of circle cutters
- 1 small heart shape cutter
- Yellow, dark and light brown, black, pink, blue and white icing
- 1 blossom cutter (optional)
- Black food colouring pen
- Stitching tool
Bear Topper
Roll out the dark brown icing and cut out a larger circle.
Roll out the light brown icing and cut out a smaller circle.
Love Bees
Roll a ball of icing into an oval shape, like below.
Roll out some additional icing and cut out the heart shapes.
And that’s it! Cute but simple toppers that can be used this Valentines Day or for any occasion really :)
Read more: http://weelovebaking.blogspot.com/2011/02/cute-and-easy-cupcake-topper-tutorial.html