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Cupcake Wrap Easter Basket Favors tutorial

Cutting paper, Easter's day, Making flower, Making toys, Parties  |  April 30th 2011  |  0 Comment

Easter is just around the corner and I can’t wait to share some fun ideas I’ve been seeing around the web. So many creative girls out there!!

Today I thought I’d share a simple little tutorial of Easter basket favors made from the cupcake wraps and party flags from my EASTER PRINTABLES COLLECTION. How much fun are these! And so simple to make, too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

- Mini Robin’s Eggs (Whoppers brand malted eggs)
- Green Easter grass
- Paper Nut/candy cups (find on cake decorating aisle of craft stores)
- Printable cupcake wraps and straw flags (or some scrapbook paper of your choice)
- Hot glue and gun
- Scissors
- Scotch tape
- Easter suckers (mine are from the Dollar Tree – $1.00/6pieces)
- Piece of green florist foam or styrofoam


Step 1: Print and cut your cupcake wraps and toothpick flags out.


Step 2: Assemble cupcake wrap by wrapping around nut cup and securing with tape.
Step 3: Now take your straw flag piece and hot glue one edge inside the cupcake wrap…. then glue down the other side to create a basket.

Step 4: Cut small pieces of green florist foam or styrofoam into squares and hot glue to the bottom of your paper nut cup.



Step 5: Stick Easter egg sucker into your florist foam and add a few robin’s egg to weigh down the cup so it won’t tip over.


Step 6: Add Easter grass and robin’s eggs.


Step 7: Dab a small bit of hot glue to the back of your sucker where it meets the handle of your basket and adhere the sucker to the handle. This way the sucker will stay in place.

You’re done — that’s all. EASY! If you’d like, at this point, you could wrap each basket in some cellophane and tie it up with a sweet ribbon and favor tag to give to classmates, teachers or Sunday School classes.

I hope you enjoyed this simple little Easter project. More to come soon! Have a wonderful weekend!

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