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Crochet hat, video tutorial

Crochet, Hat, Video  |  October 12th 2011  |  0 Comment

VISOR Hat / Gorro

Crochet hat, video tutorial

The VISOR HAT is a simple crochet hat with a wing.

Here is the free pattern [for personal use.  Do not sell]:

*  PATTERN (in English)

ch:       chain

sc:       simple crochet
Dc:      double crochet
Slst:     slip stitch
Reverse single crochet (or Crab st): It is made just working a single crochet stitch from left to right, instead of right to left. I personally add a chain in order to better reach the back space, otherwise it can become too tight.  If you have never done this stitch, check this Youtube tutorial:

Crab Stitch by Berroco:

Crab Stitch

Cast on 4 chains to form a ring (or do a magic ring)

1)  3 ch (counts as first Dc) + 11 Dc. Close with slst in 2nd chain in the beginning, to form a circle (total: 12 Dc).
Note: Instead of doing the slip stitch in the 3rd chain, I have found that the 2nd is better because it barely leaves a mark.

2)  2 ch + 1DC in the same place * 2Dc on every DC below* (repeat from * to*), close row with slst (total: 24 DC)
3) 2ch * 1DC on next st, 2DC on next st* close row with slst (total: 36 DC)
4) 2ch *1Dc, on next 2 st, 2Dc on next st* close row with slst (total: 48 DC)
5) 2ch *1Dc on next 3 st, 2Dc on next st* close row with slst (total: 60 DC)
6-12) 2ch, Dc on every st, close with slst.
Start wing part>

13-14) 2ch + 20sc
15) 2ch + skip one sc +16sc + skip one sc + 1sc
16) 2ch + 17sc
17) 2ch + skip one sc +14sc + skip one sc + 1sc
18) 2ch + 15

For the trim>

Make the Reverse single crochet (Crab St) all around the brim of the hat, and finish with a slst.

You can decorate with buttons, or a line of superficial chains, or even flowers for girls.