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Creative ideas: Cordzanation tutorial

Needle crafts  |  September 26th 2011  |  0 Comment


Creative ideas: Cordzanation tutorial

You know when you’ve stopped shopping for a while and return to discover there’s been signifigant advancements in school/office supplies? Did you know Sharpie makes a liquid erasable pencil now? I digress.

Also new– Post-it makes a label roll with a paper surface (and it’s the greatest)! Today I’ll share a quick way to use it for cordzanation– cord organization that is :)


one// Tear off a 3″ or 4″ piece of post-it tape and fold it around your cord, lining up the edges and sticky parts face-to-face. Write your descriptive word on both sides of the tape.

two// Trim the tape end with a rounded curve. Be careful you don’t snip the cord.

done// Super simple, almost cost free and easy to repeat :)

Plugging in will be quick & accurate and it will be easy to find the right cord in ‘the pile’– over time, I forget which goes with which but never want to throw them away “just in case”. Problem solved!

Great Cords to Label:

Entertainment Unit, Computer Cords, Craft Equipment, Appliances, Tools in the Garage, Adapters & Chargers. Best cords to label are the ones that disconnect from the thing they ‘work’.

Now let’s take Cordzanation a step further…


While perusing the electronic store this weekend (reference gadget addiction), I found these Velcro Straps and picked up a 6 pack… and they’re wonderful! I’m using them to keep my computer cords together on my desks (easy to plug in my charger/usb cords when I bring my laptop back and forth) and like a true gadget geek, I also bundled all my other cords with velcro straps so their drawer looks nice and pretty :)