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Creative Blob Lights for Halloween and parties

Needle crafts  |  September 18th 2011  |  0 Comment

If you’ve ever had a group of kids sitting around your dinner table – you know that candles are not a practical or safe option. However, I am a believer that children appreciate the same details that adults enjoy so I try to create interesting lighting options for the table that are child-friendly. I find LED candles are a great option, but not the prettiest looking – so I am always thinking of ways to dress them up a bit. Here’s a quick trick you might want to try… all you’ll need are a bag of balloons and LED tea lights.

Line your table with these glowing blobs and dim the lights to create a fun and intriguing look that appeals to kids of all ages. This take seconds to make and the kids can help.

This would be a great look for Halloween too.

Start out by cutting the neck off of the balloon.

Slip balloon over LED light – leaving the bottom of the candle exposed.

To give your blob some shape, pull a small section of the balloon away from the base of the candle and blow some air inside.

Flip the switch and scatter blob lights around the table.