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Crafty jewelry: Wooden Pendant Necklaces (and Keychain) Tutorial

Jewelry making  |  August 31st 2011  |  0 Comment

These are some small gifts I made for Christmas presents. I transferred images onto small pieces of wood and made them into necklaces, bracelets and key chains. I love them because they can be for girls, boys, adults or children. Each piece is about 1” tall and matched with coordinating leather cord or a key chain attachment.

Here are a few I made the kiddos….a robot necklace for my nephew (you can get the robot image here), a star-shaped super hero necklace and a princess and frog necklace with a distressed image from the movie for Sienna:

I made one for myself too…..a distressed piece with the latitude and longitude coordinates of where my husband, myself and my daughter were born:

They are super easy to make. You can find these little wood pieces in the woodcraft/dollhouse section of the craft store.

I printed out some tiny images and took them to the office store to be copied in reverse (you have to use a copier because of the dry toner).

Then I took one of my favorite mediums, Golden Soft Gel…..

….and spread a thin layer on one of the wood pieces.

Then I placed one of the images face down onto the gel, burnished it with the end of a paint brush, and then let it dry.

Once it was dry I wet the back with water….

….and used my finger to rub off all the paper. The image is left behind in the gel.

Then I marked the top center and drilled a small hole using a tiny drill bit. You can spray or coat with varnish after this step if you like.

Just add a jump ring and a some leather cord or string and you have a perfect gift for someone special!

Source: lilblueboo.com