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Crafty jewelry with fruit pendant

Green crafts, Jewelry making, Natural crafts  |  September 16th 2011  |  0 Comment


 DIY Nature Pendant Necklace

Jewlry making

It occurred to me after we were already driving home that we probably shouldn’t have taken a few of the acorns we found on our trail hike.  At the minimum we probably broke some sort of nature center law and/or etiquette about leaving nature exactly as we had found it.  Aside from rule breaking though, we probably caused a squirrel to have to work a little harder for his meal that day, which does make me a little sad.

When we get home Syd wanted to immediately glue his acorns to a piece of paper.  Never wanting to be the domineering arts and crafts task master, I let him create his master piece of glue, paint dots and acorns.  I set one perfect acorn aside though and vowed that the poor little squirrels extra hard work that day would not be in vain.  So I made a necklace.  And painted it gold.  Because really, you can put some glittery gold paint on just about anything and call it fashion right?  Just like you can put a bird on anything and call it art.  All kidding aside, it is a sweet little nougat of a reminder of our good day.

(note, the cute little top of your acorn may come off when you drill, which is fine.  Just add a spot of glue from your hot glue gun and it’ll be good as new).  Also, wanted to mention that to speed up drying, just hit it with a blow-dryer for a few minutes.

I wanted to be extra fancy so I bought myself some real expensive gold filled chain.  Nothing but the best for my cute little acorn :)  Seriously though, the chain was less than $9 on sale and I figure I can use it for all sorts of fun pendants in the future.  But if you want there are plenty of cute chain options for as cheap as $1.50/ft.

Fun stuff huh?  Best part is this little gem took less than 20 minutes to make.  I love my little acorn nugget and Syd gets a kick out of it too.  I figure you can take lots of different things you’d find on a nature walk and turn it into a pendant.  A little shell, or even a pretty little twig painted gold and wrapped in filament wire would be so cool.

Source: fourflightsoffancy.blogspot.com