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Crafty jewelry: Watercolor Petal Necklace tutorial

Beading and knotting, Jewelry making, Painting  |  September 22nd 2011  |  0 Comment

DIY: Watercolor Petal Necklace

This necklace is probably one of the more girly things I’ve made – and I’m usually not really into super girly things – but I can’t help it…it totally reminds me of spring and warm weather and sunshine. It was inspired by this Lanvin Ribbon & Pearl Drop necklace below; it’s also $450.


I instantly thought of the fake flowers I used when I made a hair fascinator and birdcage veil for my friend’s wedding last year (click here for pictures here, under “Weddings”!)…I also happen to love watercolors, so I thought this would be the perfect chance to combine craft and art.


- White faux flower*
- Watercolor paints; student grade is fine
- Paintbrush
- Pearls, or whatever beads you would like
- Headpins, if needed
- Jump rings
- Long piece of chain
- Clasp, if needed
- Jewelry pliers & scissors
- Paper towels

*I took this picture after I plucked away at the first few layers of petals. The bottom/bigger petals can be easily made into a second necklace!

1) Take apart the flower, and decide which petals you want to work with. I ended up using 9 of the top/smaller petals.

2) Paint the petals! Don’t be afraid to mix colors. I love the gradients that can be made with watercolors. TIP: Don’t use too much water. Try painting the entire petal with a light wash of color, then gradually work on adding more saturated color. Your hands WILL get paint on them, so keep those paper towels on hand.

I happen to love all shades of blue – especially turquoise – so I went for a similar shade of the original. Deeper blues on top with some green blended in towards the bottom. I wanted something similar, not exact, so the watercolors are perfect to control the colors and shades I used.

3) Let dry, at least for an hour or two.
4) Carefully pierce holes on top of the petals. I used the blunt end of a sewing needle. Attach the jump rings, then attach to the chain. Add a clasp if needed; I made this one long enough so that it doesn’t need a clasp.
5) Instead of pearls, I used connector gems. But it’s totally up to you as to what beads you use.


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 Source: studs-and-pearls.com