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Crafty jewelry: unique material for pendants, The Mystery Thing Revealed.

Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  September 30th 2011  |  0 Comment
Okay, are you sitting down?  Or holding tightly to the handrail?  Because you’ll want to be when I reveal the answer to this week’s mystery.
If you’re just joining us, we’ve been playing that exciting giveaway guessing game, “Guess the Mystery Thing.”  My readers were tasked with identifying the cute, guitar-shaped objects in these upcycled jewels:
Think you know?  Betcha don’t!

Before I reveal the answer, I give you…

Mich’s Honor Roll of the Most Creative (Totally Wrong) Guesses
Mary: Shoe horns for your cat.  Or dog.
Periwinkle Dzyns: The tabs that separate the little green pills that keep me from dancing naked in the moonlight.
Denise: The Geico gecko’s back scratcher.
JHill: A teeny little British punk rocker is crying in his hair gel because you stole his favorite opaque Flying V.  And his teeny little amp was even set to 11.
Ashes: Thumbelina’s oars.
Creative Mind: Pieces of artificial dog food.
Life in Rehab: You’ve been pulling the teeth out of plastic dinosaurs.
Joni S: Alien bones you found under your house.
Emilysnan: I feel sad for the little fly who is now up s..t creek without his paddles cause they are dangling from your earlobes.
Creative Jewish Mom: They’re for applying Polydent to dentures, mind you I hope none of us ever know of such a thing.
Terri: Somewhere there are fish bobbing around helplessly in a tank because you stole the splints for their broken little tails.

Nope and nope and nope.  Since no one guessed it, random.org has chosen two winners, and they are:  Joni S. and  Selina.  Whooo and congrats to both!
Now let’s find out the real answer.  The Mystery Thing is…wait.  Have you covered the eyes of any small children?  Have you checked your surroundings for the nearest emergency exit?  Okay, okay.  Look:
Still in the dark?  Well, ahem, fine, I’ll just say it.  They are (sterile, brand new, unused) gynecological scrapers for doing Pap smear tests.

I shall only add, if Joni and Selina decline their prizes, I will totally understand.  They can choose one of these instead:

Same technique, but made with plastic butterfly wings instead of schmear scrapers.  Come back tomorrow for the super easy tutorial…

Crafty jewelry: unique material for pendants, The Mystery Thing Revealed.