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Crafty jewelry: Statement Necklace tutorial

Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  September 14th 2011  |  1 Comment

Jewelry making

Statement Necklace

I’m an Etsy-addict. It probably doesn’t help that I can’t afford half of what I have on my favorites on there.

Like this. Stunning, right? But I certainly don’t have the $160 that she’s asking. So it was time to get crafting.

I wasn’t able to find red flat stones at any of the bead stores around me, so I found this on Etsy. I had the best luck searching for “flat nugget stone” under the supplies section. These cost me $15 shipped.

I then hit up Hobby Lobby for the rest of the supplies. Thick and thin chain, jump rings, and TAN felt. The pic shows red, but I figured out why she uses tan instead of red after I made the first one. The red would show up against your skin, the tan blends in.

Next, I hot glued them on TAN felt, and cut them out. Don’t cut too close, since you’ll need something to glue the beads onto, and you can trim it later.

Next, I took some fishing line, threaded it through the hole, and tied it in a knot. Then started threading on the beads, adding a drop of hot glue every 4 or 5, and making sure to keep the beads very close to the stone. I added the hot glue along the edge, so it touched both the stone and the felt.

Now, this is where I started to wing it. At first, I just did the beads all the way around, and then attached the chains with a needle and thread. But with the hot glue, I had a hard time getting the needle to go through. So I figured out where I wanted the chains, made a pen mark, and when I would come across one of those, I would string on the chain and it cut it to size.

Then when I would get to the other side, I would attach the other end. Make sense?

I ended up doing all of the stones, and then laid them out and figured out the ones I wanted to use in my final piece. My stones are a lot bigger than the reference pic, so I just used four. I was feeling an asymmetrical look, so that’s what I went with. I attached the stones to each other with jump rings (I used three on each stone so it wouldn’t be too flimsy) and then attached a chain to the top so I could wear it.

It’s huge, but isn’t that what a statement necklace is about?