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Crafty jewelry: Spray Painted Feather Earrings tutorial

Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  September 14th 2011  |  1 Comment

DIY: Spray Painted Feather Earrings

Perfect for summer: big statement earrings that are light as a feather!

photos: kirsten for we heart this

Welcome to the June DIY of the month at we heart this! Today’s project,Spray Painted Feather Earrings, are the perfect summer accessory –simple enough to be worn with an exotic printed dress, bold enough to spice up a solid tank top.

Regardless of your summer outfit of choice, these lightweight feather earrings are so easy to make. You might even want to make a matching necklace while you’re at it.


• Metallic spray paint (I used gold)
• 2 craft feathers (color of your choice)
• Jewelry pliers
• Scissors
• E6000/super glue
• Leather cord, about 3-4 inches
• Pair of earring hooks
• Several jump rings
• Old magazine

Tip: If your feathers aren’t the same general shape/size, trim them before you start.


1. Place the feathers on the magazine, and spray paint in a well-ventilated area. Let dry and repeat on the other side if you’d like.


2. Cut out two pieces of leather cord, long enough to fold over the stems of the feather. Mine were a little over an inch long.

3. Carefully glue the cord to the base of a feather, then fold over and glue the other end. You’ll only need a small amount of glue.

4. Using your pliers, gently clamp down on the spot where the cord meets the feather – this will further secure the glued area. Let dry.

5. Attach the jump rings and earring hooks.

6. Try on and admire your new earrings!

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Source: weheartthis.com