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Crafty jewelry: Spike Ring tutorial

Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  September 18th 2011  |  0 Comment

DIY: Spike Ring

jewelry making

By now, I think it’s pretty obvious I have a soft spot for statement jewelry. This ring creates the illusion of a spike going through your finger, although the ring is SO lightweight you probably won’t even feel it.

EDIT: Everyone keeps asking where I got the spikes. They’re NOT spikes! Technically, at least. They’re cone bead caps, as I indicated below. Bead caps are way easier to find, unlike spikes, which is why I used them. You can find some on Etsy here - you’ll have to browse through them if you want to find caps without the fancy filigree.


- Jewelry pliers
- Super//E6000 glue
- Adjustable ring blank
- 2 cone bead caps

1) If your ring blank has a loop on it, twist it off with the pliers. Separate the two ends of the ring to widen up it up a bit.

2) Bend each of the ends out, making them as flat as you can.
3) Glue one of the prongs into the inner top part of a bead cap.
4) Repeat on the other side. Let dry.
Easy :)

Side note: Has anyone ever tried matte nailpolish? It’s my favorite! Matte nailpolish has that edgy vibe, but it’s still girly – considering nailpolish itself is pretty girly. But the matte finish is fairly offbeat, which I love.

Source: studs-and-pearls.com