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Crafty jewelry: Pearl Pendant tutorial

Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  September 28th 2011  |  0 Comment

Crafty jewelry: Pearl Pendant tutorial

Who knew that a trip to the aquarium shop could lead to a new piece of jewelry?

I found this tubing at Petco, in the tropical fish department. You can buy this by the foot for about a dollar. Any wording on the tube is easily removed with acetone or nail polish remover. Cut a piece (with scissors) about 2 inches long. You eventually want a section 1 1/2″. You need the extra length because you will want to trim the ends until that they are straight. The tube has a slight blue cast that isn’t noticeable when finished.

Find two pearl buttons that are a little larger than the diameter of the tubing. Cut a piece of 24 gauge wire about 12″ long. Fold in half and string on a medium sized pearl.

Twist the wire once then thread the two ends of wire through the button holes.

Put the wire into the small tube.  Now this is a bit tricky. Carefully pour small pearls into the tube while holding the wire taut. Thread the wires through the other button and twist them closed.

Take a medium sized pearl with a hole large enough to accept two wires. Thread one wire through the pearl hole and then double it back and put it through the hole again leaving a small loop. Twist the wires around each other a few times between the pearl and the button. Snip off the excess wire.

Now you have a lovely pearl pendant. I can also see this filled with tiny sea shells from a vacation at the beach or any other small mementos.