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Crafty jewelry: Necklace tutorial

Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  September 13th 2011  |  0 Comment

Anthro-inspired Necklace (DIY)

 I’ve been so inspired with all the anthropologie/jcrew jewelry I’ve seen lately, and wanted to make some of my own! I didn’t do a copycat, but I took some elements of different necklaces I liked, such as:

Jewelry making

- ribbon or fabric woven through chain,
- multiple tiered strands,
- and fun bead combinations
and then I combined those ideas to get this:

Here's what you need to make your own:
- jewelry chain with big enough links to weave ribbon through
- beads of your favorite color (I chose teal with a matte finish)
- contrasting accent beads (mine were sparkly silver)
- satin ribbon in matching/contrasting color
- toggle closure
- bead stringing wire
- 12mm jump rings
- pliers
1 - Shorten chain to about 10" by pulling out a link with pliers; with remaining chain make another 5" chain
2 -Weave two ribbons through the 10" chain, tying bows at either end of the chain.
3 - Attach two jump rings (for added strength) to each end of each chain (10" and 5")
4 - Attach toggle clasp to ends of chains with jump rings (using pliers)
5- string beads of main color onto bead stringing wire to make first strand (mine is about 14"). Attach each end of string to a jump ring and attach to the ends of the 10" and 5" chains on both sides (so now you have a full necklace)
6 - string beads of main color onto second strand (about 11"), with accent beads strung on at random, and finishing with 3 accent beads on the end.
7 - attach jump rings to either end of short strand, and attach them to the jump rings on the longer strand.
There you have it! Enjoy your new anthro-inspired necklace and have fun telling people that you made it!

Source: homesweethomebodies.blogspot.com