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Crafty jewelry: Mother’s Day Birds Nest Neclace {Tutorial}

Beading and knotting, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Jewelry making, Mother's day  |  April 12th 2012  |  0 Comment

Mother’s Day Birds Nest Neclace {Tutorial}

So remember on Saturday when I shared the painting of Myself and
my sisters, that I painted and gave as a gift to my Mom for Mother’s
Day 3 years ago?
If you dont.. feel free to go check out {that post}.
Well I also mentioned thinking about making her something
special again this year! I said I just had an idea in mind.. and I’d let you
know how it panned out… well Here it is.. panning out. LOL
See ever since I had seen the Wire Bird Nest Tutorial over at
Shabby Soul, I KNEW I wanted to make one, and turn it into
a necklace for My Momma.
Only I had just a couple slight changes from how she did hers.
Im going to show you what I did.. but please read the tutorial on Shabby Soul first
so you can see a full tutorial and understand what I am talking about.
Here is what I used:
~Silver wire
My wire is a lot thinner than the one Shabby Soul used..
I would have used something thicker.. but I didnt feel like
running out to the store.. and just used what I already had.
~6 Pearl Beads each a different color
Shabby soul used 3 pearls the same color, for the eggs which looks great.
I however planned on using 6 different pearls to represent
each of my Mom’s Children. :)
Purple-My Older Sister Mona
Blue- Younger Sister Alea
Pink-Younger Sister Sammy
(I chose them based on our fav colors)
The White pearl is for my Step Sister Fallon
and the Brown is for my Step Brother Kenny
Who my mom raised since they were very young.
So each “egg” represents each Child.
~18 in of silver chain
~2 Large jump rings
~1 small jump ring
~Lobster claw clasp
I started out by sticking each pearl on a long strand of wire.
I tried my best to form a neat cluster (Kinda hard with 6 “eggs”)
I twisted the two wire ends together, and started to wrap
a few circles around the eggs.
As you can see though… my first strand of wire didnt get me very far.
The “nest” was looking pretty sparse!
So I took another long strand of wire and started forming
a circle wrapped around several times.. separate from
the nest and eggs, as in Shabby Soul’s tutorial.
I then set the nest on top of the new separate wire wrap circle, and cut
another long strand of wire, and begun weaving it around the nest to
bring them together and create a fuller nest.
I did that two more times, until I got the look I wanted.


See much better and fuller, and more nest like:
I decided to add some felt, since this was going to be a necklace pendant,
to soften up the back that would be laying  against skin.
I just simply used hot glue to attach it.
Now onto making the necklace:
Next step is to use the small jump ring, to attach the lobster claps
to the chain… I typically cut my chain to 18in… but you can
make yours longer or shorter, depending on the style you want.
Secondly, the big jump ring goes on the opposite side of the chain.
The second jump ring is attached to the nest, to make it a pendant.
Add it to the chain and voila you have a necklace! :)
I thought it was great… but felt it was still missing something.
It needed one more special touch!
Then I remembered about these feather/wing pendants I bought
a while ago… and knew that would be perfect!
So I grabbed one wing, and another large jump ring…
And simply attached it to the nest!
Now it was complete… and perfect for my mom!
So each of the eggs are a different color to represent each of
her children, and the large feather/wing represents the Her.
The Momma bird, with her babies. :)
I Love it!!
And I am just going to have to make one for myself now! :)
Only problem is.. Mother’s Day is still several weeks away…
Will I be able to keep myself from giving it to her early? LOL
Im just so excited… Im not sure! :)
source: http://agapelovedesigns.blogspot.com/search/label/Tutorial?updated-max=2011-05-31T06%3A26%3A00-07%3A00&max-results=20