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Crafty jewelry: Making the edge of embroidery hand weaving

Jewelry making, Needle crafts  |  July 23rd 2011  |  0 Comment

I asked about my way to the edge design embroidery, an example is shown in the pictures.
Well – given the numerous requests and requirements ха-ха – Tell.
Materials Needed

will also need a piece of soft leather the desired size.
So – start … Glue cabochon glue to the cloth, and begin to bind beads.
Many different ways of Embroidery, personally, I sewed one beads, and then the way to “back the needle” to attach it to the previous one. Slowly мама-мия But firmly.

Then twist around cabochons – and many ways.

Continue to embroider on -

Finished embroidery – carefully cut the excess tissue

Overturn cabochon on the back side glue a piece of skin right size and carefully cut off the excess.

Further, in fact, the most interesting – way to begin to build weaving flank Embroidery

Thus building up the necessary number of rows. In my case – it’s 2 rows.
Subtlety is one – the first number we’re building up in the right places subtracting and adding beads.
A second series do strictly by the number of beads the first row.
Thus it turns out flank,

So now the fun part – the final set.
In this case – I took the beads of smaller size, and where needed – reduces the number of beads -

Thus – the last series finished, go through at least another 1 times, delaying as much as possible the thread.
If the embroidery a little – then this can stay, and if the embroidery area is large, starting around discreetly sew the last row of embroidery to the skin or piercing through all the product.

Well, actually all – the edge of embroidery ready.

Then – as tell you a fantasy …


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