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Crafty jewelry: Make Silicone Cheerios!

Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  September 28th 2011  |  0 Comment

 Jewelry making

 (What? Stop Looking At Me Like That.)

What can you make with a garishly neon, glitter-infused, squooshy silicone pencil grip from the dollar store?
Um, how about these?
Wanna make some?  Here’s the super simple tutorial!
First, snip your pencil grips into a bunch of little Cheerios.  Keep ‘em away from kids younger than three, because these things look delicious!

Stuff a cute bead inside a silicone Cheerio.  (Choose one about the same size as the hole; if stretched too much, the silicone might eventually split.)  Then simply poke a headpin through the whole shebang.
Fold the headpin down tight and snip off any excess.  Then turn a loop at the top.  (Simple loop instructions here.)

That’s it!  A cheery silicone Cheerio charm.  Make a whole bowlful, and create with wild abandon.

As with real Cheerios, turns out I like pretty much anything stuffed inside a silicone one.  But here is my favorite recipe…

I love these so much, I want to marry them.  I’ve owned these delicate shells for ages, but always considered them too fragile for bracelets, which get knocked around a lot.

But with silicone Cheerios, fragile beads now have their own bumpers.  If you drop one – it bounces.  And that’s just plain funny, over and over.

Crafty jewelry: Make Silicone Cheerios!