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Crafty jewelry: Knockoff Anthro Jewelry tutorial

Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  September 29th 2011  |  0 Comment
Knockoff Anthro Jewelry
Here’s my inspiration: these New Growth hoops, which retail for $128.

Crafty jewelry: Knockoff Anthro Jewelry tutorial

I loved the way the beads went part-way around the circle and down into a cluster.
Here are the materials you’ll need:
10 seed beads in your desired color[s], 5 or more various other colored beads for the cluster,
3 jump rings, Pre-made jewelry hoops, needle-nose pliers and cutters, 26 gauge jewelry wire

STEP 1: Wrap 26 gauge wire securely around hoop several times.  String your first seed bead and wrap twice to secure.

STEP 2: Continue stringing seed beads {you can intersperse other small beads too} and wrapping the wire around the hoop twice after each one.  After the last bead, wrap wire 5 or 6 times and trim.

STEP 3: When seed beads are all wrapped on the hoop, insert the end of the hoop into its loop and use pliers to bend it 90 degrees.

STEP 4: Use pliers to form a wire loop.

STEP 5: Attach 2 jump rings to the wire loop.

STEP 6: Place each bead that you want in the cluster on its own head pin and form a wire loop {bend pin 90 degrees, trim excess, and form loop with pliers}.
STEP 7: Attach 3 beads to the top jump ring, and 2 beads to the lower jump ring to form cluster.
STEP 8: Attach desired hardware to top of hoop.  If you want to make earrings, like the Anthro picture, just attach ear wires.  I decided once I had this made that it was too large for my personal taste in earrings, so I made it into a pendant by attaching a jump ring and chain.
I used a variety of pale colors in the cluster so that it will match practically any outfit without having a lot of overpowering color itself.  What do you think?  If you make your own version, I’d love to see it!