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Crafty jewelry: Kiwi earrings, free crochet patterns

Crochet, Jewelry making  |  August 10th 2011  |  0 Comment



Crafty jewelry: Kiwi earrings, free crochet patterns

We will need:

cotton thread in white, pale emerald green, dark green, bright green color to the pulp

shaggy mohair yarn for brown skin,

few small black beads for the seeds,

black thin thread,

hook of suitable size,

thin transparent plate or a button the appropriate size,





4 aerial loop somknite in the ring, then Knit scheme.


1 row - 6 sc white thread,

2nd row - 12 sc white thread (2 sc in each loop of the previous row) (left).


3rd row - 18 sc pale emerald thread (pictured right).



4th row - 24 sc dark green thread (pictured left).


Row 5 - 30 sc bright green thread,

6 number - 36 sc bright green thread (pictured right).


On the back of tying knots and cut the ends of the threads are too long.



On the edge of a dark green black beads sewn series-stone.

Thin black thread make a small radius shtrishki.


Getting started knitting the back of our earrings.

Using the scheme in the beginning, a bright green thread knit in a circle 6 rows (right photo).



Of a dense thin transparent plastic sheet cut circle equal to the diameter related billets.

We put him inside to my earring is not deformed during wear.

Instead of a piece of clear plastic can take, for example, a transparent (or green in tone) button.


Join the front and back of next sc.



Clear plastic insert inside.



The final touch – a thin thread, mohair knit, 2 sc in each loop of the previous row. It turns hairy crust.

Bright green thread hiding under a number of mohair, as shown in the photo on the left.


It remains to slide the shvenzy and our earrings are ready.





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