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Crafty jewelry: jewelry making, knotting friendship bracelet tutorial, kids ideas

Jewelry making  |  August 7th 2011  |  0 Comment

3675324_110622_8 (700x492, 188Kb)

Braided bracelets from yarn with their hands


3675324_110622 (700x505, 120Kb)

pin or tape 
yarns for embroidery 

3675324_110622_11 (700x462, 142Kb)

For a start, otrezhte several threads about 60 cm long each. Make sure you have two pairs of each color of thread. Add up all the threads in a bundle and tie a knot at the end, then this is the end of the fix, for example, to the table with tape or pin to something soft)) Divide the beam into two sets of threads.

3675324_110622_2 (700x496, 103Kb)

Begin to tie uzilochki, as shown in the photo below. Take one color, we have it red, and tie uzilki this thread with all the colors of the first set of threads. Do the same with another set, only in the mirror and tie together zetem red threads in the center.

3675324_110622_3 (700x496, 69Kb)

3675324_110622_4 (700x496, 87Kb)3675324_110622_5 (700x496, 68Kb)

3675324_110622_6 (700x496, 81Kb)

Keep up the good work with the other colors. 
The main thing to keep order in flowers.

3675324_110622_7 (700x496, 67Kb)

You can experiment with Tsvetayev. Weave there different buttons, beads of your choice)))

3675324_110622_8 (700x492, 188Kb)