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Crafty jewelry: How to make jewelry: bracelet braided

Beading and knotting, Jewelry making, Knotting  |  August 12th 2011  |  0 Comment

Hi love! The pap is now a bracelet / necklace that is twisted and beautiful Hapenned Henry got on the blog! To do it you will only need about 3m wire satin or waxed thread, about 20 beads and clasps.Then follow the tutorial below:

How about making this bracelet?
1. Cut the wire into 3 parts of 1m each. For this bracelet you can make a knot in the wires together and tie it to the wrist to use it or put the strap locks as a normal.
Trance approximately 6cm the wire and start putting the bills, always centering the braiding and the remaining wires. 
2. Trance wires adding accounts and finish with 6 cm without accounts, only a knot or braid and closures.
The bracelet ready yet can be used as a necklace!