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Crafty jewelry: Crafts beads with polime clay

Beading and knotting, Clay, Other crafts  |  August 1st 2011  |  0 Comment

Lesson – volumetric Kaleidoscope
Good day, dear companions! Here, as requested, I removed the process of making three-dimensional kaleidoscope. Apologies for photo quality, but the unit I do not have!

This species has a sausage made from a pendant.

do the first six

add them in pairs of one of the faces of the mirror and attach the petals form

add up received by the first layer of petals in the pendant. At this point you can begin to bake the product.

Further, we make six more slices and add them as well as previous ones.

but the edges of the petals have bends inward

received a second coat should be laid at first, turning it so that the petals peeking out from under each other’s

this is a side view

then do another six slices and add them in pairs, but a different face. connect face is not the end

tuck the edge of the petals inside so

gradually begin to lay the third row of petals, like this

laid, trimmed as necessary

placed in the center bead, rhinestones or even something that you like

also can be made from petal pendant mount or leave the way it is!

bake, polish, varnishing, and more! Pendant is ready! Not so this is hard!
I hope I explained everything clear! Good luck to all!

Kaleidoscope of Ronit Golan Моя фотография


остатки в калейдоскоп3 (660x550, 107 Kb)




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