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Crafty jewelry: chevron felt friendship bracelet tutorial

Embroidery, Felt, Jewelry making, Sewing  |  September 9th 2011  |  0 Comment

This week, in honor of friendship, and inspired by the friendship of the characters in the Wind in the Willows, everything is related to Friends. And I’m calling it Friendship Week. Clever title, huh?

Chevron Felt Friendship Bracelet

To start things off, how about a classic symbol: The Friendship Bracelet.

I feel a little behind the trend with this, because the traditional knotted embroidery floss bracelets have been making a comeback. I’m kinda really loving this, but I’ve also avoided it. Why? Because they take so long to make!

Enter my shortcut idea. This one is stitched onto felt, and takes about an hour. I can handle that!


Here’s what you need:
Wool felt (a blend will work…I’m not too confident in the synthetic kind)
Pearl Cotton in two colors


Cut a strip of felt that is 3/4″ x 12″. The length can vary, but folded in half, it should fit around your wrist with a bit a gap.


With the felt folded in half, begin stitching a chevron pattern as shown. Each “knot” is made with two stitches almost on top of each other. The arrow points away from the center. I found the safety pin helpful when starting so that I could visualize the center better.

Alternate the two colors of pearl cotton, stitching a row of each, with a bit of space between each row. Because I used two Color Variations shades, it’s difficult to see the two colors, but I still like the look here.


Continue the pattern all the way down to the end, but leave about 1/2″ space.


Cut three lengths of pearl cotton about 18″ long. Fold the bracelet, and stitch the loose ends together with the three pieces of pearl cotton. Pull each piece to the middle so that there is an equal amount on each side.


Braid the strands on each side, then knot them.


To tie around your (or your friend’s) wrist, simply loop the braided pieces through the fold, and tie.


Do you love this look as much as I do? I kinda want to make a whole bunch! (Which is good, because my sister was a little jealous that this wasn’t for her!) I had better get stitching!

Source: wildolive.blogspot.com