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Crafty jewelry: blue bracelet tutorial

Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  December 20th 2011  |  0 Comment

Crafty jewelry: blue bracelet tutorial

браслет из синего бисера

To weave such a wonderful bracelet, you need to search for and collect all sizes and shapes of beads, preferably the same color, which may vary slightly in shade. On the example of proposed dark blue beads and blue crystals. Indeed a very interesting combination! All the beauty is in the difference form of beads! It is this emphasis by the work.

So, if you picked up a sufficient number of beautiful beads, about 8-10 types and sizes, you can start weaving.

Nizhim on a fishing line or nylon thread beads and beads, as shown in the diagram.

плетем браслет сами

Most importantly, the technique of weaving quite simple, but in three steps. When the chain weave as the first image, you need to go back and add loops, as in the second picture. And to complete the bracelet be returned along the bracelet, adding additional low on the bracelet. Quite clearly all drawn on the image, so that the issues should not arise.

As the fastener can be used bead and a loop of beads, as the finished bracelet.

Read more: http://biserok.org/sine-goluboy-braslet/