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Crafty jewelry: Bling Bling DIY Ring

Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  September 16th 2011  |  0 Comment

Jewelry making

Super easy- fast- cheap- all the elements of my favorite types of crafts. Oh- and no matter how I tried, I couldn’t mess this up.
18 gage wire. I found this at Michaels for about $3? I used a coupon (because I’m cheap!) So I can’t remember exactly. I was looking for sterling silver wire- but haven’t found any yet!
A pair of pliers. They don’t have to be jewelry pliers, or high tech ones. Just simple pliers!
Something round about the size of the ring you want. The tutorial used chapstick- but the chapstick I use is itty bitty.  So I went with my parents’ reading glasses case (Yep- just called them out on being old, and using reading glasses)
My first ring- I used the tutorial.  But I thought the single band made my finger look fat. So I went from there To make a second and third ring. One with 3 bands, and one with 2.
(SORRY FOR THESE PICTURES- I wasn’t paying attention when I took them so they are fuzzy!)
First- wrap the wire around the circle as many times as you want the band to be wide. Then add one more wrap. (for the 3 band, wrap it 4 times for example) Then trim it.
Take an end, and make a loop upwards leaving a portion of the wire sticking out to work with.
Take the other end, and stick it through the loop from the backside (the wire should be sticking away from the ring, not in towards the middle of the band) If you are making more than one band. Make sure to wrap the wire around all of the bands now to hold them all together.
If you find out in the end the bands are not all connected- thats okay. My 2nd ring was like that. I just took a small piece near the end and wrapped the wires together with it. It was this ring on my ring finger
Now circle the two ends around each other as you see fit. You can do it once, trim the extra and tuck the ends in. The one on my pointer finger I wrapped twice.
This once I wrapped a few times but made it “flatter” instead of wrapping it upwards, I wrapped it flat around.
Get creative! The reason I dont have great instructions, is I just started bending it and unbending how I liked it! Its pretty easy! I thought they were fun little rings though :)

Source: threeyearsofdeath.blogspot.com