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Crafty jewelry: Best Friends Necklace

Beading and knotting, Crochet, Jewelry making  |  September 5th 2011  |  0 Comment

Crafty jewelry: Best Friends Necklace

Jewelry making

Did you ever share a best-friends necklace with your favorite childhood pal? I remember sharing a couple in the past and seeing new ones always brings a smile to my face. For this installment I wanted to share a different take on that idea by making a bf necklace cut from a vintage doily. I have a collection of handmade doilies that I picked up from local thrifts and antique shops. I love the crochet work and like to spot different patterns in each piece. I find that not only can you spot certain patterns, but you can also look at the whole piece in a different way. For example, lots of edges of doilies resemble hearts.

That brings me to this tutorial. Make your best pal a heart-shaped best-friends necklace cut from a vintage doily… It is a lovely shared gift that will make a unique handmade statement.


Vintage doily
2 necklace chains
non-stick surface
Glue (school or craft)

Step 1: Cutting
Cut a heart shape out of the doily. You can use the original pattern as a guide. I have included photos of two different patterns. The styles are completely different even by the way they are worn on the chain.

Style 1

Style 2Note: For style 2, you will need to remove a piece of the thread so that the necklace will string through the original loops. See photo below…

Step 2: Stiffening
Mix equal parts glue and water in a mixing bowl. I actually like to use a bit more glue then water. I read that you can also use liquid starch but I prefer glue because it is permanent. Also, I used school glue just because that is what I had on hand. Crafters glue might be even more durable.

Dip your heart in the mixture. Completely submerse it. Once it is soaked, lay it on the nonstick surface and squeeze as much water out as you can without losing the shape.
Tip: I found that if I place the heart on the inner side of the bowl and press, the mixture drips back into the bowl and the heart stays intact.

For style #2 you will need to use a tooth pick to open the loops and clear the glue out of them. This will allow your chain to pass through easily after the heart has dried. Do not leave the toothpicks in while drying. Just use them to clear the glue. Also note that my hearts are cut. Disregard that. You will cut the hearts after they are dry.

Step 3: Drying
Lay the heart on your nonstick surface and let dry for 3 to 4 hours.

Step 4: Cutting
Once the heart is completely dry, cut it in half.

Step 5: Stringing
I have included photos of both styles.

Style 1: Simply string the necklace through one of the holes in the heart.

Style 2: String the chain through the loops of the original pattern.

Step 6: Giving
I made my necklace for my best friend, Ursula. I think that she is pretty wonderful! I am in Tucson, AZ wearing my necklace while Ursula is in Norfolk, Virginia wearing hers.

by Chakra Pennywhistle