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Crafty jewelry: Beading necklace & bracelet

Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  January 19th 2012  |  0 Comment

Crafty jewelry: Beading necklace & bracelet

плетем браслет

Sometimes, we can not pick up a suitable ornament, ring, necklace or bracelet.

Hence, we make it ourselves! There are a myriad of options for different bracelets from a variety of materials. Most often, seamstresses use beads and stringing them a basis for.

lash strap

Now we will create a nice and outstanding, but at the same time very simple in execution of the bracelet.

For its production we will need:

- Leather or any other cute lace, which will look nice in the hand.

- Beads

- Thread

- Button “on the leg”

- A needle or a hook for pulling the thread through the beads


плетение браслета

I used a crochet hook, but you have to select any tool as desired. Be creative with comfort)

1. We turn off cord in half. The same thing done a thread with. Anchoring filament in the center column, which has turned us after we turned off the cord in half

2. Knot so that it passes easily through our buttons, but at the same time, well rested.

weaving lessons


уроки плетения


3. Let us fix our future product for comfortable weaving clamp, pin, or just something heavy.

4. On both sides there are two ends of the strap. Doing some “eights” thread on the cord – twist around both ends, like paint “eight”

5. Pass through our thread under the left end of the cord, then dress her bead.


красивый браслет

6. Now hold the thread over the right end of the cord, and then underneath it, getting a kind of loop around the strap.

beautiful bracelet

7. And threaded through the bead back!

8. Again, hold the thread under the left side of the cord …

9. Now on her …

10. Again the bead!


учимся плести

learn to weave

11. Is passed under the right side of the lace …

12. Then over it …

13. Again the bead!

14. Dopletaem so we strap to the desired length. You can make a bracelet, but you can in a few turns  hands.

красивое украшение

15. Both ends of the strap to pass through buttons, fasten the rest of the thread and cord (if necessary, cut off). I firmly tying the thread, then cut off the edges and consolidated the site super-glue.

16. Done!

Read more: http://vrukodelii.com/stilnyiy-braslet/