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Crafty jewelry: beaded necklace and leaves tutorial, jewelry making

Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  August 16th 2011  |  0 Comment

Crafty jewelry: beaded necklace and leaves tutorial,

jewelry making

For those who asked … 
Making fasteners begins with braiding strazika. The stone should sit tightly braided. stitches lower number of “petals” passing between Biserka braiding: Biserka gold, rice, gold, and 3 green. back in gold, rice, gold, poke the needle into the next period of stitches the whole series. proceed to the next closest to the center, a set of green rice, green and gold, back through the green rice, green and put out the needle into the next period. This series of “petals” as it lies in between the first row of beads between the outermost series of stitches, 2 gold Biserka sew several rows of petals separately Ndebele, close to a bead, tails leads back and connect. Initially planned to sew it on for a brooch, so you can record and Lariat, and just like a brooch to wear, but it seemed to me that this is cumbersome … Can sewing start with the Ndebele, and end up side by side, with whom started out as someone that is more convenient … Zvezdunov ready. Materials, of course, is not the same as in the work itself, but I’m not aware that it will take MC 


The leaf stalk begins with a set of 2 Biserka Ndebele, cover a number of 1st Biserko and pass within a number of back to the expected length of the side of the leaf Labour supply is an even number of biserok, we pass three Biserka the handle and dial an even number of beads to the other side Add 1 Biserko and sew on a mosaic stitches outer edge of the leaf stretch fishing line at bead doshivaem spout, we fix the line and hands it to the second edge of the leaf stalk of veins are starting to sew, pulling them both in order to give the desired shape leaf leaf is ready to be it was already 100 time, but I’m not to blame, I was asked – I did come in handy if anyone – will be happy!