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Crafty jewelry: anthropologie inspired necklace tutorial

Jewelry making  |  September 9th 2011  |  0 Comment

Jewelry making

anthropologie spectrum frenzy necklace

here is my version.  obviously different but definitely inspired by anthro!! you want to make one, right?? you are in luck! i am in tutorial mode today!

i started with a package of mixed beads (mostly glass) I bought from hobby lobby. i liked the pink and green color. this part took longer than making the necklace! i had to separate all of the beads before i could start. i used this ice cube tray to help me out. i dont have a crimping tool but it certainly would have been helpful for this! basically you just need beads, crimp beads, pliers or crimping tool and jewelry wire.


you’ll want to start by making a loop. this will be the “clasp” for your necklace. start with a crimp bead then choose a few coordinating beads and add them next
make a loop and slide your wire back through the crimp bead. crimp. (or squish it together with pliers)
next add a few beads to start off the strand. you can really choose whatever you like here. you could even start right in making the loops (below) and skip this part
once you have this a length you like choose a “neutral” color bead and add a couple of them. i chose the brownish-gold for this necklace. i added three and then added several beads of the color i used to make the first loop.
after you have your loop the desired length bring the wire back through the last “neutral” colored bead to make a loop.
pull it kind of tight, if you let it get loose it gets hairy
keep adding, a few neutral beads and then a new color for the next loop. i didnt use the same number of neutral beads every time. I used between 0 and 3 each time. this helps make the loops be a little messy. you dont want them too uniform
keep going!
once you have decided that is enough of that recreate the same pattern from step one. then add a crimp bead and a larger bead (this bead needs to fit through the “clasp loop” you made at the beginning). i had to use a small bead between the large bead and the crimp bead to keep the big bead from falling over the crimp bead. there are many ways you can make this work.
next bring the wire back through the big bead and crimp bead, pull it taunt and crimp!
tuck the end of the wire into the beads behind it.
admire your work!

Source: taidyeoriginal.blogspot.com