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Crafty jewelry: ANEMONE NECKLACE

Crochet, Jewelry making  |  September 7th 2011  |  0 Comment


What you need:
Skill level: elementary
Time: less than an hour
Yarn and hook: any yarn scraps, a crochet hook (optional)*
Hardware: jump rings, a metal chain
Used terms: chain (ch), single crochet (sc)
Tip*: when choosing the crochet thread/yarn for your project, check the label because it contains information about the kind of thread and suggested hook size. For this project I used thin 100% mercerized and gassed cotton and the label suggested a 1.5 – 2 mm hook size. I used a 1.9 mm hook. Also, for this project I would suggest you use thin yarn and a small hook so the tentacles would acquire a tight, neat and compact appearance.
Step 1:
You start by chaining a total of 16 stitches.
When you make them, single crochet for about 13 stitches. The remaining 3 would be used for attaching this part to the necklace. Next, *Chain 16 and single crochet 15 of them leaving one stitch as a border between the tentacles*. Repeat from* to * until you get the desired number of tentacles (I made 8). This is the lowest and the widest part.


When you come to the end, chain 3 (for the attachment), cut yarn and weave ends.
Step 2:
Now you have to make the other two rows.
Look closely at the picture. I have made the consecutive rows smaller. For example the lowest (the one I made first) has 8 tentacles, the middle has 7 and the one coming first has 5 tentacles. I would suggest you cut the number of tentacles as you move higher, so that the cascading rows appear attractive. Also you can use the pattern of making the tentacles as in the first one (16 st) or you may decrease the number in the next rows. I decreased them to 12 and 10 respectively. Remember to leave 3-4 stitches on both sides for attachment.
Step 3:
Here’s what you need next:
Attach the small jump rings to each side of every row.
Then put all three onto the bigger jump ring.
Attach the bigger jump ring to the metal chain and
Your Anemone Necklace is finished!

Source: tlk-designs.blogspot.com