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Crafty Book Binding tutorial

Cards, Paper crafts, Scrapbooking  |  September 12th 2011  |  0 Comment

Crafty Book Binding tutorial

The materials used for this little book. Everyone seems to have left-over bits of paper, so rather than toss out, make a book!

Tools used for this project. A paper punch (to create circles), needle, awl, bone folder, bulldog clips, exacto blade, scissors, and a ruler.

Cut and fold paper and cardboard to the size you want the book to be. Burnish the folds with a bone folder.

After scoring the back side of both the front and back covers (about 3/4″ from side), clip all pages and covers with bulldog clips. Use some paper to pad the bulldog clips to prevent dents in cardboard.

For a 5″x7″ book punch three holes with the awl: one in the centre and one on each end about 1″ in.

Using book binding thread or a sturdy cord or ribbon, start stitching. I used a stitch very similar to what I did with wedding albums. It’s pretty easy, but you really can come up with many different patterns. Try it out!

Cut out shapes with your scrap paper. We made some simple birds and circles. Glue stick was used to attach cut-outs to cover.

My niece wanted a place for “secret messages and stickers”, so I made an envelope for the inside back cover. Every girl should have a safe place for secret messages and stickers!

You can do so much with a few bits of scrap paper and some book binding tools. Have fun!


Crafty Book Binding tutorial