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Crafts with stones: craft for kids

Green crafts, Making toys, Natural crafts  |  August 15th 2011  |  0 Comment

Decorated stones 

Friends this is a craft for the kids, if they are on vacation now best be taught to do this project done with stones to decorate your home well, and what better to squeeze fence and caught the imagination these stones still, hard, cold, the stones thrown into a garden in a square or along a path have no life or charm. But with a coat of paint, a couple of brushes and some glue magically become pebbles, snails, bees or implausible tale
Crafts with stones:

craft for kids

characters. So get to work.
Stones of different shapes and sizes
Tempera color you want to paint
Cold Cola
Pitilla or halter
Mr. Octopus
Eight long arms has Mr. Octopus. And two eyes. And four friends fish. And a great sea life, swim, sleep and play ….
No child can resist listening to stories, especially if their parents are those who invent them.While painting the stones will create a story between all happens on the seabed. Put a name to the octopus and sins. Sometimes children find it hard to take your imagination, but enough to make them simple questions to loose: How is the father of the octopus, What does your mom?, What plays with the fish?, ¿ do you like to eat?, how he likes to sleep?, why has eight arms?, Why use them?, what fish any faster?, what is the most grumpy?, why get angry both? some questions that can make their children so that they believe the history of this stone, besides decorating your garden.
Stones painted with designs of animals