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Crafts tutorial: Patriotic Ribbon Badge

Making flower  |  September 27th 2011  |  0 Comment

Crafts tutorial: Patriotic Ribbon Badge

I can think of a dozen uses for this over-the-top ribbon badge; wear it to the parade, top a package, embellish a hat, award it to the winner of the egg toss, or just make your refrigerator look patriotic. Okay, so that’s five uses, but I’m sure you can think of the rest.

1 1/2″ poster board circle
grosgrain ribbons (patriotic colors)
large plain button
small star shank button
pin back or safety pin (optional)
magnet (optional)
hot glue gun
wire clippers or strong scissors
Cut red ribbon in eight 4″ lengths. Cut striped ribbon in eight 3″ lengths. Cut white ribbon in eight 2 1/2″ lengths. Place a thin strip of hot glue on one end of each ribbon and line it up with the other end to form a loop.
Glue the red ribbon loops to the back of the poster board circle. Glue close to the perimeter at the points of a compass (north, south, east and west). Fill in the spaces with the other four loops.
Turn the poster board circle over and glue the striped loops to the front side in the same manner as the red ribbons, allowing the ends of the red ribbons to show.
Repeat for the white ribbons. Leave a little of the poster board showing.
Cut two long pieces of red ribbon and two slightly shorter pieces of white. Cut the ends at angles and glue them onto the back of the rosette, making sure that the angles face each other.
Cut the shank off of the star button. Hot glue the large red button onto the middle of the rosette. Glue the star into the middle of the red button.
Sew a pin back or safety pin on the back of the rosette in order to wear it or glue a magnet on the back to display on the fridge. Or do both!