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Crafts tutorial: Laptop Cover Vinyl Tutorial

Other crafts, Paper crafts  |  September 18th 2011  |  0 Comment
A cute vinyl decal for my lap top! Here’s how to make it.
-Vinyl (I got mine from Expressions Vinyl)
-Transfer Paper
-Silhouette & Software
-Credit Card or flat object

Step 1: Design your decal using the Silhouette software.  I used the heart flowers design by Lori Whitlock.  I measured the area I wanted the design to fit on my laptop, and sized the image appropriately.  I used three of the same image right after each other.
Step 2: Load your vinyl into the Silhouette and then cut out the design



cutting away!!

Step 3: Cut out the vinyl area around the design, and then peel off all the excess vinyl.




Step 4: Cut out a piece of transfer paper in the same size as your vinyl paper.


Step 5:  Peel the sticky part off and place it sticky side down onto your design.  Use a credit card to rub the paper down onto the vinyl.



Step 6: Peel the transfer paper off.  If any of the design starts to get left behind, just put the paper back down and rub the area again with your credit card.



Step 7: Place the tape onto the laptop cover.  Rub again with a credit card, and then peel off!





Pretty!!! My laptop is so much more girly and cute now :)



I love it :)