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Crafts lessons: Paint A Rosebud tutorial

Painting  |  September 10th 2011  |  0 Comment

How To Paint A Rosebud

Learn how to make these in today’s tutorial.

Here is  rosebuds tutorial

Supplies Needed:

-A palette for your paint (a paper plate, cardboard, or a stack of old papers will work in a pinch. No need for fancy tools.)

-2 contrasting shades of paint for the rosebud. (For my demo, I used a berry pink and a pastel pink)
-A green paint for the leaves and stems
-A flat brush and a liner brush (Any size will work. The larger the brush, the larger your rosebud will be.)
-A sheet of paper to practice on (optional)

To make:

1. Put the two contrasting colors on the palette, then dip each end of the flat brush into one color of the paint:

2.  Drag brush back and forth on the palette. Dip the ends in the colors again until the brush is full.


3. For the rose bud, if you can draw the letter “U’, then you know how to paint the rosebud.

Start by painting an inverted u.


4. Now, start at the left side of the inverted u and make a regular u directly under it.

Notice the picture. The light color is always on top and the dark color makes it look like you are looking down into the rose. This is what you want.


If you are right handed, work from left to right. Lefties go in the oppsite direction.

Your rose should look similiar to this now.

5. Now at this point, most people would get fancy with the leaves. I’m not most people. Let’s make it simple, okay? The stem and leaves are just lines. If you can draw a line, you can do this. Best of all, it shouldn’t be a straight line, so you can’t use that as an excuse!

Take the liner brush. Dip it in water, then roll the brush around in a dab of green paint. This just makes the paint slightly runnier so it glides easier.

6. Go back to your rosebud. Draw a line from the rosebud and draw the brush down to make a stem. Make the stem curve a bit for a more natural look.

7. Now, put the liner brush at the base of the rose where the stem is. Drag the brush around the rosebud, then curve it out on the side.

Notice my brush is below the rosebud, and I’m working on an angle.

8. Repeat on other side.

If needed, you can build up the line near the bud.

Now it’s really starting to look like a rose, isn’t it?

Your rosebud should be similar to this now.

9. For leaves, just make an outline of the leaves……

I told you I’m not an artist. Remember if you mess up, you can always paint over it to fix it.

…and fill those lines in with paint just like when drawing and coloring when you were a kid.

Finished rosebud!

I hope this has taught you not to be so intimidated by painting. Whenever I paint, I think about the shapes of things, then put those shapes together to create what I want to paint. Think of it like this and painting will be a lot less intimidating for you!

These sweet rose buds can be painted randomly like I did on my flower pot, they can be made into a vine, or put them together to paint a bouquet of flowers. I’m sure you’ll find lots of different ways to use them in your painted projects!

Source: cozyhomescenes.blogspot.com