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Crafts lessons: Let’s Get Snappy Giveaway!

Sewing  |  September 8th 2011  |  0 Comment

I thought I’d kick off my new Crafty Gear 411 series with one of my favorite sewing related tools, my Snap Press.  I took the plunge and bought this almost two years ago and it has been one of the handiest items in my sewing tool kit.

Here’s the 411:

A snap press is for setting snaps into just about anything – clothing, cloth diapers, bags, home decor, etc.  Basically anywhere you would want to add a snap.

It uses dies for both sides of the snap.  You just click one side into a die in the press, put the cap part (that looks like a tack) underneath, stick your fabric in between and press down on the handle.  The press pushes the cap into the socket or stud and presses the pointed end back downward so they lock together.

To reinforce the snap area if the fabric is lightweight or stretchy, just add a layer of stabilizer in between the fabrics or an scrap of fabric for an extra layer before setting the snaps.

I’ve got the dies for plastic snaps, but you can also get extras to do traditional metal snaps too.

Why do I love this tool?

- Snaps are such a handy closure, but the sew on kind tend to fall off with wear and the kits you get at the fabric store for hammering pronged snaps rarely go in smoothly.  And if they come out or you try to reset them, the prong parts rip up the fabric so it becomes a mangled mess.  No thanks!  In the rare times I’ve had to reset a plastic snap, it took mere seconds and didn’t ruin the fabric because they only make a small single hole in the fabric.

- Taking 30 seconds to set a snap with the press is A LOT faster than putting in a zipper, buttonholes or velcro, which leaves more time for sewing the fun parts of projects.

- They give a professional look.  They look sleek and uniform and because they go in so smoothly, there’s no chance of wrecking a nice sewing project at the end by goofing up on the closure.  You can also match them to the item so your handmade project can have all the coordinating details that the store bought stuff has.

- The snaps can take the constant pulling and wear from cloth diapers, snap-up legs on baby pants, overall straps and the backs of shirts and still look like new.  They’re also great for repairs on things that have worn out.

- Plastic snaps are durable, but inexpensive.  You can get a couple hundred of them for the same price of a single package of 6 basic snaps at the chain fabric stores.  The actual press is a little investment, but if you sew a lot like me you’ll find you use it over and over again so it is well worth the up front cost.

Source: sewcando.blogspot.com/