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Crafts for kids: Sunflowers of sweets

Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower, Mother's day, Paper crafts, Seasonal crafts, Valentine's day, Wedding day  |  January 4th 2012  |  0 Comment

Crafts for kids: Sunflowers of sweets.

Chocolate gifts with sunflowers!

Sunflowers of sweets and corrugated paper. Very nice!

That’s such a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers can make just having on hand candy, corrugated paper, a few rubber bands, a piece of net and tulle, thread and scissors. The truth is very beautiful?



  • Sucking candy.
  • Scissors.
  • Green tape.
  • Crepe paper: yellow color.
  • Hot glue.
  • Yarn.
  • net fabric.
  • mesh fabric

249557--33571074-m750x740-udc7df (700x525, 195Kb)

Cover these candy with net fabric, using yarn to knot it at the stem of these candy
249557--33571082-m750x740-u5158d (700x525, 200Kb)

Cutting yellow crepe into rectangle with (10x 30)cm
249557--33571086-m750x740-ub9020 (700x525, 147Kb)

Rolling around the candy,
249557--33571096-m750x740-u9a40e (700x525, 133Kb)

Tie it with yarn.
249557--33571099-m750x740-ub26f2 (700x525, 140Kb)

249557--33571105-m750x740-uef905 (700x525, 145Kb)

the paper bend outward.
249557--33571114-m750x740-u7b775 (700x525, 142Kb)

Like this.
249557--33571120-m750x740-ub437e (700x525, 166Kb)

Cutting each petals with each paper round.
249557--33571126-m750x740-u2b5c8 (700x525, 161Kb)

249557--33571135-m750x740-u195fb (700x525, 159Kb)

We have a beautiful sunflower!
249557--33571140-m750x740-u18af7 (700x525, 171Kb)

249557--33571144-m750x740-ua8801 (700x525, 135Kb)

Bend the petals as you want.
249557--33571152-m750x740-u8102d (700x525, 155Kb)

249557--33571158-m750x740-ubad3c (700x525, 174Kb)

249557--33571170-m750x740-u2372a (700x525, 168Kb)

249557--33571193-m750x740-u76571 (700x525, 171Kb)

249557--33571197-m750x740-u5b2dd (700x525, 156Kb)

249557--33571208-m750x740-u2c24d (700x525, 187Kb)


Photo: http://sovusha.gallery.ru/

Happy Mother’s day!