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Crafts for kids: Christmas ball tutorial

Christmas's day, Felt, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Sewing  |  January 3rd 2012  |  0 Comment

Christmas craft ideas: Christmas ball tutorial

The diameter of the ball about 7 cm

1. For this ball, we need only sweep pattern number 1, ie a triangle. Pattern is given a life-size, taking into account allowances for seams in the 0.65 cm
Tip: patterns for the balls are very easy to make a special plastic.

So, cut out 20 triangles: 9 red, 9 yellow and 2 flowered.

2. First, sew the two large triangles, as shown in the photo. Sew, like, around the triangle in a flower, not interrupting the thread.

3. Add to the resulting triangles are the others, referring to the photograph. And also, how would bind large central triangle in a circle with single small, not interrupting the thread. This is the future of our hemisphere ball. At this stage, make a significant mark on the wrong side of the two triangles that lie on the image closest to each other (red and yellow triangles). This is the place of the two hemispheres.

4. Sew together in each of the hemispheres of the remaining triangles to make a “cup”-the hemisphere.

5. It now remains to connect the two hemispheres together, starting with the two triangles that you had to label them. Do not forget to leave a small opening for turning and stuffing balls. Also do not forget to sew on the ribbon.
The ball is ready!

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