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Crafts ideas for summer: Cotton Crochet in the Round for Summer

Crochet  |  September 23rd 2011  |  0 Comment

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Cotton Crochet in the Round for Summer

I’ve mentioned before that I love road trips and the chance to do a lot of crochet. These are three projects I’ve made in the car, no pattern, no reading required. Just cotton yarn and a hook. Also, a drink bottle or soda can helps for gauge.

One of my favorite cotton yarns is Cotton Tots. It doesn’t split, it’s sturdy and feels so rich and thick worked up. When I learned to crochet, one of the first projects I made were baby wash cloths with this yarn, yummy.

These can cozies and drink bottle covers were just crocheted in the round. I used the net stitch for the bottle cover with a chain three.

The coasters were made with Sugar and Cream tweed yarn. The coaster holder is just a coaster with decreasing rows to make the sides. My mom showed me how to add the edge by doing a front post stitch for the last row of the coaster. We use these all over the house and I need to make more when we hit the road this summer.

Hope this inspires you to pick up your hook this summer! These make great gifts, too!