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Crafts gifts for Halloween: berry baby hat, knitting patterns

Hallooween's day, Hats, Knitting  |  September 22nd 2011  |  0 Comment

Berry Baby Hat

Crafts gifts for Halloween: berry baby hat,

Free knitting patterns

This is a little hat pattern I developed after seeing similar hats in shops. I added the i-cord topknot, emphasized the roll-up edging, and changed the leaves to be better defined than the ones I’d seen.

This one is worked in TLC Cotton Plus on US size 7 & 8 circular and double-point needles. I find that 100% cotton lacks the bit of springiness needed to get a good fit around a little head. It also works nicely using size 8 or 9 needles with a worsted merino such as Patons or Brown Sheep for toddler size. (For very lucky babies, this is beautiful in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino or Cotton Cashmere.) Or, if you have a problem with wool, you can use an acrylic craft yarn

It’s very adaptable for different yarns and sizes, so have fun and experiment: Just add another 8 sts to make a larger size. For toddler size, you’ll probably also want to make it deeper so there’s still some roll up edge when the hat is on.

Feel free to share the pattern, with attribution, or sell or give away the hats you make. But please don’t sell the pattern. Thanks.

Gotta cute “action shot?” Post it in the comments!

Give me a yell if anything doesn’t make sense or if I need to make corrections.

Dec 07 2008 UPDATE: There was a typo in the PDF that did not change the construction, but was confusing. I had originally written the pattern for red/green and missed a spot when I changed to lilac to match the image. The PDF link on this page is revised.

Grab the PDF