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Crafts gifts: 5 MINUTE, FABRIC STICKERS tutorial

Paper crafts, Video, Wrapping and Packaging  |  September 19th 2011  |  0 Comment


Hi guys! Sorry my post is so late today. I was sitting at my desk earlier this morning feeling rather blah and not sure what to write about when suddenly this project popped into my head. I instantly jumped up to test it out and see if it would be post-worthy. Fortunately I think the results turned out to be really charming, and I hope you’ll enjoy this incredibly easy and fun 5 Minute DIY: Fabric Stickers.

I’ve demonstrated the entire process for you in this quick video. If you’d prefer written instructions you can follow along with that version below (there are no step-by-step images however):

Supplies needed:

  • Fabric scraps | Medium-weight cotton fabrics such as linen, will work best.
  • Sharp scissors | You will not want to use your best pair or they may get adhesive on them.
  • Xyron sticker maker with permanent adhesive roll | These are available for a very reasonable price at most craft stores. I used the smallest version (1.5″), but they also come in larger sizes if you are interested in making bigger stickers.
  • (optional) pre-wrapped gifts | Mine were wrapped in freezer paper and kraft gift wrap, and tied with baker’s twine.
  • (optional) blank greeting cards | I just used folded kraft cardstock

Directions for fabric sticker seals:
1.    Cut fabric into small squares or rectangles that fit into the opening of your sticker maker.
2.    With right side up, insert one cut portion at a time into the machine. Guide in until you see that it is touching the adhesive roll.
3.    On the opposite side of the machine, begin slowly pulling down on the adhesive strip. This should catch and begin to pull your fabric through, but if it doesn’t you can use a finger to help guide the fabric through as you pull down gently on the adhesive strip.
4.    Once your fabric portion is fully visible again, tear your sticker along the serrated edge. There will now be a paper backing, and transparent plastic sheet over your fabric.
5.    Use your fingernail or handle of your scissors and firmly rub the entire surface of your sticker. This will help it to adhere fully.
6.    Use your scissors to cut out desired shapes (Be sure to cut through the plastic, fabric and paper layers). You can stick with a simple design, like a circle, or get creative by cutting hearts, flowers, and more.
7.    Once your shape is cut out, remove the clear plastic portion. Your sticker is now complete and is safely secured to the paper backing (this means you don’t have to use it right away- you can make lots and store them until you are ready to use them).
8.    When ready to use, peel the paper backing from your sticker and attach to your gift.

Directions for fabric sticker greeting card:
1.    Follow the exact same steps above, beginning with a rectangle of fabric (not a square).
2.    Once you’ve put your shape through the machine cut rectangle in half so you have two long strips.
3.    Cut a V out of the bottom of each.
4.    Attach to your card like a flag garland, or layer underneath circle seals to create an “award.”

Have fun! I’d love to see what you make with these! Maybe you could stamp on them, attach them to home decor items, glass jars, etc. There are so many possibilities! xo Ez