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Crafts for summer: Pretty Ruffles tutorial

Needle crafts  |  September 20th 2011  |  0 Comment

Flip Flop Fun Series – Pretty Ruffles

Every girl needs some ruffly purple flip flops for summer!  Let me start by telling you I wasn’t planning on purchasing purple flip flops when I made my early morning trip to Old Navy last Saturday.  I was a few minutes away from buying a yellow pair instead when the friend I was shopping with said, “Heather, I have never seen you wear yellow.  You wear a lot of purple.  Buy purple!”  She was right.  I like yellow a lot but I don’t have a lot of it hanging in my closet.  I went with purple instead and I’m so happy I did!  I love my new ruffly purple flip flops!
-flip flops
-matching ribbon
-matching thread
-Fabri-Tac glue
Optional: Sewing Machine (it makes this project really fast but you could ruffle your ribbon by hand if you don’t have a machine)



I started by sewing a basting stitch down the middle of one long piece of ribbon (I didn’t measure the length before I started sewing – see photo above for length of actual ribbon used).
I pulled the thread to turn that ribbon into a pretty ruffle.


The ruffles needed to be slightly adjusted by the time I made it to the end of the ribbon.  I played with the ribbon until I had a long enough pretty piece to fit the length of my flip flop strap (don’t cut you’re ribbon yet!).

I used a paintbrush to apply a layer of Fabri-Tac to the flip flop strap.
Then I glued the ribbon to the strap and repeated on the other side.


I used scissors to trim the ribbon at the edge of the straps.


Repeat for the other shoe and now you have a fun new pair of flip flops!  This entire project was done with supplies I already had at home aside from the flip flops and took only 30 minutes to complete!
Source: acoupleofcraftaddicts.blogspot.com