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Crafts for summer: Picnic blanket in shaped bag, sewing pattern

Bags, Sewing  |  August 16th 2011  |  0 Comment

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So come May – the time picnic in nature, opening the spring-summer season.  

Crafts for summer: Picnic blanket in shaped bag,

sewing pattern

Let's sew a practical and beautiful blanket for a picnic - it can sit, lie down as you can and soak up the sun.And what pleases me - the assembled blanket looks like a handbag and a compact and fits easily in your hands, and backpack, and even more so in the back seat of a car, even a miniature. Original lesson - the blog   IkatBag  (American housewife and mother of three children). The author allows the use of her ideas, but only for a non-profit projects, that is not for sale. ] In order to sew a blanket for a picnic need to take a length of thick fabric, such as tussah (and you can try mahrushku, only heavy cotton), a piece of waterproof material (will fit an old sleeping bag), heavy jacquard tape, double-length Velcro. 's plaid looks like when assembled: So began. Naturally, for this work is to take the needle and thread and thicker. 1. First sew the valve rug. This cuts out two rectangles sides 26 to 24 cm of solid tissue, such as cloth, which will go to the top of the rug (or, as in the original figure of another, but in the same colors), add up the wrong side of each another, on the one hand round the corners of the rectangle. Welt on three sides of jacquard ribbon. Make one side of the valve handle of a piece of the same tape or solid lines, one piece of tape or sew straps to the other, then the entire structure anchoring line to the valve, approximately 5-7 cm from the edge of the valve. K the reverse side of the valve sew Velcro. (Velcro in the example of black so it blends with the tissue valve. In fact, velcro at the bottom pristrochena valve at the rounded end) 2. Sew myself a blanket. To do this, simply add up the two pieces of fabric together - to the top of the rug - where you sit or lie down (made of thick fabric or mahrushki) and for the bottom - which will be in direct contact with the ground or grass. In the original size of the rug - 120 to 150 cm and you can select other sizes. I would recommend to lay a thin foam blanket more or synthetic padding - we all do, and cooler, and a picnic area may be rocky ... note - which will be sewn valve. Shear pins and sewing layers of jacquard ribbon, as well as the valve, with three of the four sides. The next step - we add together the valve with a rug, rough sides, as shown. Please note - the valve handle are putting up a water-repellent, the underside of the rug. sew the valve with a blanket, and then sewing the raw edge of the last plaid jacquard ribbon. Almost Done! It remains only to partition, where will be the second fastener, where our "bag" will stick together. We put a blanket as shown in the picture and begin to add up. At first, long: once more in length: Then wrap on the same principle in width, it will be necessary Collapse several times, so all materials should not be too hard or thick. Applies to valve folded blankets and outline the front Velcro flap to place Velcro on the rug. Now you only have to sew Velcro on the second part of a blanket, gather a bag of supplies (which by the way, we can instructed to collect household, as long as you sew a blanket), and - with vprered pesTnyami! Happy working!