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Crafts for summer: make a poncho top tutorial

Sewing  |  August 30th 2011  |  0 Comment

Crafts for summer: make a poncho top tutorial

Sewing patterns

I made some diagrams to show how to cut the fabric and where to sew. You can click the image above to enlarge.

Material needed:
❤ 1-2 yards or fabric, depending on the length of the top/dress. I recommend fabrics that flows well, and avoid stiff fabrics, such as denim, 100% cotton, linen or wool. I used very light weight polyester fabrics for top and dress.
❤ thread
❤ elastic band. This is what you use to cinch the waist part. Cut two elastic bands, in length that’s half of your waist. For instance, if your waist measurement is 28″ around, cut two 14″ elastic bands.

Source: vivatveritas.com