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Crafts for summer: Knot No-Hem Pants for Adults tutorial

Sewing  |  September 13th 2011  |  0 Comment

Look familiar?

If you were reading back in May, you’ll probably remember my knot no-hem capri pants tutorial.

Well, ta-da!  They work for adults, too. And yesterday I whipped up a pair of them for myself!

Sorry about the goon-tarded face!

I had these denim bermudas that were made to look like cutoffs.  I just never wore them because I thought they were an awkward length and kind of boyish.  So I cut off the bottoms and added some pretty fabric using my knot no-hem tutorial.

And you could probably do this with an old pair of jeans or long pants, too.  So many options!

The fabric I used matches a lot of the pink, purple and blue shirts that I have in my closet, plus I think it will look fabulous with this top that I made back in the spring.  ;)

Now you know where the fabric came from.

I never used to wear this pair of bermudas and now it looks like I’ll want to wear them all the time because of all the tops they match!  And what’s best is that this project cost me nothing because I already had the pants and the fabric on hand from another project.  Wow!  Don’t you just love how refashioning an old item can freshen up your wardrobe so easily and cost effectively?

Have you refashioned anything lately?  Share a link if you’d like!  I’d love to see.  :)

Source: craftycritique.com