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Crafts for summer: girls ruffle top for a little girls, sewing patterns

Needle crafts, Sewing  |  September 27th 2011  |  0 Comment

1st Step: Hmm, Of course you’ll go out and buy the prettiest fabric available and while you’re there buy the lining fabric (also called chinese silk) in a coordinating color or white.

-Cut the fabric using the patterns you’ll find below: the main panels and the straps.  Since this top ties at the shoulder, You will be cutting 4 straps, in whatever length and width you chose, in this case,  1 1/2″W x 15″L.

-Caution: Very frustrating step!  Make all the straps by sewing them inside out, turn the strap to the right side again and iron.  In making clothes, Sewing is very important so try to buy a good iron.

-Using pins, attach your freshly made straps to the front panel then attach your lining fabric prior to sewing it.  See picture, Try not to skimp on the ponks Don’t skimp on the pins

-Follow the same step for the straps on the back panel.

-Join the pieces to form the top part of the blouse.

-For the bottom part of the blouse, you should cut 2 pieces, 2x the width and length desired.  Since this skirt is defined by the ruffles, before we cut them, we must take into account the total width of the skirt and cut double the size of your skirt, so you can get very defined pretty ruffles.  Each ruffle will be 5″ long but the amount will vary depending on your skirt length. So measure, measure, measure!  I did not provide you with specific sizes, or lengths so you can adjust it to your preference, Longer, shorter, wider, etc.  In review, Here’s the simple equation:

Skirt: 2x the length and width desired.

Ruffles: 5″ x 2x your skirt width.

-Of this step, I really don’t have much graphic help for you but I’ll try to create a visual and be as concise as possible.

To facilitate the top to come on and off with ease, once you’re done attaching all the ruffles, you would open the top center back on the skirt (see picture), approximately 4″ from the top and finish it off with binding tape.  Once you’re done with that step, you’ll be ready to mount it to the top part.   This step is easy but you must pay attention to the details, like sewing straight lines and such.  Attach the lining fabric from the skirt to the lining fabric of the top, followed with the main fabric from the skirt to the main fabric of the top. Got that? If not, Please ask!

-Next Step: Admire our hard work and the pretty outcome.

(And again the same picture, I really didn’t take a lot)

Here are the patterns, good luck!

(ooops I almost forgot to give you the size of the pattern, It is Size 7 and 8, Again, Good luck!

Delantero1, Trasero1

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